Abortion: Our right, our choice! Here and worldwide!
Call for the international safe abortion day on 28.09.2022.

This year, § 219a StGB (German Criminal Code) and with it the prohibition of „advertising“ for abortions will be overturned. Doctors* will then finally be allowed to provide information on abortions without restrictions. This is a success of the movement of sexual self-determination and shows that we must not rely on governments, but continue to fight for our sexual and reproductive rights!
Because as long as § 218 StGB exists, abortion is considered a criminal act in Germany!

We demand:
Abortions must not be a criminal act!
Better access to legal abortions close to home!
Abolish the obligation to seek advice and the „waiting period“ (§218a)!
Right to qualified, open and unbiased counseling!
Financial coverage by health insurance!
Abortion as a mandatory topic in medical teaching!
Free access to contraceptives and the „morning-after pill“!
Better support by the state for all those who decide to have a child!
Break the taboo on abortion!

In many other countries, too, sexual and reproductive rights are not being implemented and are even threatened. In the USA, abortion rights are currently under attack. In Poland, abortions are banned. As a result of these regulations, pregnant women have already died because doctors refused to perform life-saving abortions out of fear of punishment. The many crises and wars around the world make the situation even worse.

We stand in solidarity with all those fighting for reproductive justice! We demand self-determination over our bodies, our sexuality and the free choice to have or not to have children – especially for women, non-binary and trans* people as well as people with disabilities – in Germany and worldwide!

Join the nationwide day of action on September 28 and come to the protest on September 28, 2022 at 6pm at Wiener Platz!

#SafeAbortionDay #wegmit218 #28Sept